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RKT115   16" Heavy Mid-Length 1x7 Chrome Lined Rifle Kit
RKT104   16" Heavy Mid-Length Rifle Kit
RKT103-M   16" Lightweight Carbine Rifle Kit with 2 Magazines
RKT116   16'' 1x9 Chrome Lined Mid-Length Rifle Kit with Magazine
RKT117   16'' 1x9 Lightweight Mid-Length Rifle Kit with Magazine
CU100   16'' Custom Upper
CU112   16'' Dissipator Custom Upper
RKT101   16'' Heavy Carbine Rifle Kit
RKT101-M   16'' Heavy Carbine Rifle Kit with 2 Magazines
RKT112   16'' Heavy Dissipator Rifle Kit
RKT103   16'' Light Weight Carbine Rifle Kit
CU103   16'' Light Weight Custom Upper
RKT108   16'' Light Weight Mid-Length Rifle Kit
RKT100   16'' M4 Carbine Rifle Kit
CU101   16'' M4 Custom Upper
CU104   16'' Mid-Length Custom Upper
CU108   16'' Mid-Length Light Weight Custom Upper
CU102   20'' Custom Upper
CU106   20'' Government Profile Custom Upper
RKT106   20'' Government Profile Rifle Kit
RKT102   20'' Heavy Rifle Kit
CU110   20'' Light Weight Custom Upper
RKT110   20'' Lightweight Rifle Kit
HG1002   5 Rib Ladder Panel - OD Green
HG1066   5 Rib Low Profile Panel - Dark Earth
BP1026-5/8   5/8 Crush Washer
LP1001   Accu-Wedge
BS1041   ACE 1" Buttpad
BS1029   ACE AR-15 ARFX Skeleton Buttstock Assembly
BS1030   ACE AR-15 ARFX-Entry Skeleton Buttstock Assembly
BS1086   ACE AR-15 Hammer Buttstock
BS1019   ACE AR-15 M4 Socom Buttstock
BS1057   ACE AR-15 Ultra Lite Buttstock Assembly
BS1031   ACE AR-15 Ultra Lite Entry Buttstock
AIM100   Aimpoint Quick Release Ring
RA2H20F-0   ALPHA 220H
RFTH20F-0   ALPHA 320H
BS1048   Ambi CAR Stock Sling Adapter
LP1067   Ambi Safety
MP1036   AR-15 10 Round Magazine
DT1020   AR-15 11.5" A2 Barrel Assembly
DT1019   AR-15 11.5" Flat Top Barrel Assembly
DT1031   AR-15 11.5" Flat Top Barrel Assembly with Pinned 5.5" Flash Hider
DT1032   AR-15 11.5" A2 Barrel Assembly with Pinned 5.5" Flash Hider
KT1000   AR-15 11.5" Heavy Carbine Barrel Kit
BL1006   AR-15 11.5" Pre-Ban Barrel
KT1001   AR-15 14.5" M4 Carbine Barrel Kit
DT1018C   AR-15 14.5" M4 Chrome-lined Flat Top Barrel Assembly
DT1018   AR-15 14.5" M4 Flat Top Barrel Assembly
DT1018C-WO   AR-15 14.5" M4 Flat Top Barrel Assembly - DTI 14.5" 1x9 M4 Chrome Lined Barrel - Without Bolt & Carrier Assembly and Charging Handle
BL1009   AR-15 14.5" M4 Pre-Ban Barrel
DT1033   AR-15 16" 1x7 Mid-Length Flat Top Barrel Assembly - Chrome Lined
BL1017   AR-15 16" 1x9 Chrome Molly Dissipator Barrel
DT1027   AR-15 16" Dissipator Pre-Ban A2 Barrel Assembly
DT1026   AR-15 16" Dissipator Pre-Ban Flat Top Barrel Assembly
kt1002   AR-15 16" Heavy Carbine Barrel Kit
KT1006   AR-15 16" Heavy Mid-Length Barrel Kit
KT1005   AR-15 16" Light Weight Carbine Barrel Kit
BL1051   AR-15 16" Light Weight Pre-Ban Barrel
KT1008   AR-15 16" Lightweight Mid-Length Barrel Kit
DT1028   AR-15 16" M4 1x7 Chrome Lined Barrel Assembly
KT1003   AR-15 16" M4 Carbine Barrel Kit
EX100   AR-15 16" M4 Extreme Duty Barrel Assembly
BL1010   AR-15 16" M4 Pre-Ban Barrel
BL1071   AR-15 16" Mid Length 1x7 Chrome Lined Barrel
BL1088   AR-15 16" Mid Length Light Weight Barrel
BL1058   AR-15 16" Mid Length Pre-Ban Barrel
DT1024   AR-15 16" Mid-Length A2 Barrel Assembly
DT1023   AR-15 16" Mid-Length Flat Top Barrel Assembly
DT1035   AR-15 16" Mid-Length Lightweight Flat Top Barrel Assembly
DT1014   AR-15 16" Pre-Ban A2 Barrel Assembly
DT1022   AR-15 16" Pre-Ban A2 Light Weight Barrel Assembly
BL1013   AR-15 16" Pre-Ban Barrel
DT1021   AR-15 16" Pre-Ban Flat Top Light Weight Barrel Assembly
DT1007   AR-15 16" Pre-Ban Heavy Flat Top Barrel Assembly
DT1008   AR-15 16" Pre-Ban M4 A2 Barrel Assembly
DT1009   AR-15 16" Pre-Ban M4 Flat Top Barrel Assembly
RKT122   AR-15 16'' 1x9 LW Rifle Kit w/ Keymod FF
DT1037   AR-15 16'' Pre-Ban LW 1x9 Flat Top Barrel Assembly w/ Keymod FF
LP1060   AR-15 2 Stage Hook Under Trigger Set
MP1012   AR-15 20 Round Magazine
BL1027   AR-15 20" 1x9 Government Profile Barrel
BL1028   AR-15 20" 1x9 Light Weight Barrel
DT1012   AR-15 20" Pre-Ban A2 Barrel Assembly
BL1015   AR-15 20" Pre-Ban Barrel
DT1013   AR-15 20" Pre-Ban Flat Top Barrel Assembly
DT1030   AR-15 20" Pre-Ban Flat Top Government Profile Barrel Assembly
DT1034   AR-15 20" Pre-Ban Light Weight Flat Top Barrel Assembly
KT1009   AR-15 20'' Government Profile Barrel Kit
KT1004   AR-15 20'' Heavy Standard Barrel Kit
KT1010   AR-15 20'' Light Weight Profile Barrel Kit
MP1000   AR-15 30 Round Magazine
BP1017   AR-15 5.5" Flash Hider
MP1010   AR-15 7.62 x 39 30rd Mag
bp1019   AR-15 A1 Flash Hider
TL1000   AR-15 A1/A2 Front Sight Tool
BS1059   AR-15 A2 Buttstock Assembly
LP1043   AR-15 A2 Buttstock Spacer
LP1044   AR-15 A2 Buttstock Spacer Screw
GP1002   AR-15 A2 Grip Plug
UP1045   AR-15 A2 Rear Sight Assembly
UP1015   AR-15 A2 Rear Sight Elevation Knob Spring Pin
UP1007   AR-15 A2 Rear Sight Windage Knob Spring Pin
HG1013   AR-15 A2 Round Handguards (Sta.)
HG1016   AR-15 A2 Round Handguards (Sta.) - Green
CV1042   AR-15 A2 Style Flash Hider, Thread 5/8x24
GP1003   AR-15 Ambi Ergo Grip
GP1004   AR-15 Ambi Ergo Sure Grip
BP1033   AR-15 Barrel Extension
BP1032   AR-15 Barrel Nut
BC1044   AR-15 Bolt and Carrier Assembly
BC1008   AR-15 Bolt Assembly
BC1009   AR-15 Bolt Carrier and Key
BC1013   AR-15 Bolt Carrier Key
BC1014   AR-15 Bolt Carrier Key Screw
BC1010   AR-15 Bolt Carrier Stripped
LP1023   AR-15 Bolt Catch
LP1022   AR-15 Bolt Catch Detent
LP1025   AR-15 Bolt Catch Roll Pin
LP1021   AR-15 Bolt Catch Spring
BC1021   AR-15 Bolt Gas Rings (set of 3)
LP1015   AR-15 Buffer Body Assembly (CAR)
LP1046   AR-15 Buffer Detent
LP1047   AR-15 Buffer Detent Spring
BP1009   AR-15 Bull Barrel Gas Block - .936
LP1013   AR-15 Buttstock Buffer Spring (CAR)
LP1012   AR-15 Buttstock Buffer Spring (Sta.)
BS1049   AR-15 Buttstock Buffer Tube (CAR)
LP1016   AR-15 Buttstock Buffer Tube (Sta.)
BC1007   AR-15 Cam Pin
HG1014   AR-15 CAR Round Handguards
HG1017   AR-15 CAR Round Handguards - Green
BS1012   AR-15 Carbine Buffer Tube - Mil-Spec Diameter
TL1023-P   AR-15 Chamber Safety Tool (3 Pack)
UP1041   AR-15 Charging Handle Latch
UP1040   AR-15 Charging Handle Latch Roll Pin
UP1044   AR-15 Charging Handle Latch Spring
UP1005   AR-15 Charging Handle, Complete
LP1045   AR-15 Complete Lower Parts Kit
BP1054   AR-15 Delta Ring Assembly
MT1019   AR-15 Detachable Carrying Handle
LP1028   AR-15 Detent Spring
LP1033   AR-15 Disconnector
LP1034   AR-15 Disconnector Spring
UP1023   AR-15 Ejection Port Cover
UP1024   AR-15 Ejection Port Cover Assembly
UP1020   AR-15 Ejection Port Cover Hinge Pin Clip
UP1021   AR-15 Ejection Port Cover Pin
UP1022   AR-15 Ejection Port Cover Spring
BC1019   AR-15 Ejector
BC1018   AR-15 Ejector Roll Pin
BC1016   AR-15 Extractor
BC1015   AR-15 Extractor Pin
BC1017   AR-15 Extractor Spring Assembly
BC1006   AR-15 Firing Pin
BC1005   AR-15 Firing Pin Retaining Pin
BP1020   AR-15 Flash Hider, A2
UR1022   AR-15 Flat Top Upper With M4 Feed Ramps (Complete)
UR1011   AR-15 Flat Top Upper With M4 Feed Ramps (Stripped)
UR1000   AR-15 Flat Top Upper With T Marks (Stripped)
UR1020   AR-15 Flat Top Upper with T Marks (Complete)
UP1003   AR-15 Forward Assist Assembly - Round
UP1025   AR-15 Forward Assist Pin
UP1028   AR-15 Forward Assist Spring
HG1021   AR-15 Free Float Tube (CAR)
HG1098   AR-15 Free Float Tube Mid-Length
LP1032   AR-15 Front Pivot Pin
BP1035   AR-15 Front Sight Base, Post-Ban
BP1034   AR-15 Front Sight Base, Pre-Ban
BP1028   AR-15 Front Sight Detent
BP1027   AR-15 Front Sight Post, A2
BP1029   AR-15 Front Sight Spring
BP1036   AR-15 Front Sight Taper Pin
BP1030   AR-15 Front Swivel
BP1031   AR-15 Front Swivel Rivet
BP1047   AR-15 Gas Tube Roll Pin
BP1040   AR-15 Gas Tube, CAR
BP1072   AR-15 Gas Tube, MID-LENGTH
BP1002   AR-15 Gas Tube, PISTOL
BP1039   AR-15 Gas Tube, Standard
LP1018   AR-15 Hammer
LP1019   AR-15 Hammer Spring
BP1041   AR-15 Handguard Cap, Round
BP1042   AR-15 Handguard Cap, Triangular
TL1021   AR-15 Handguard Removal Tool
BP1048   AR-15 Handguard Slip Ring
BP1050   AR-15 Handguard Snap Ring
GP1043   AR-15 Left Hand Ergo RIGID Grip - Dark Earth
AS1007   AR-15 Lightweight Sling
TL1011   AR-15 Lower Receiver Vice Block
BP1033-M4   AR-15 M4 Barrel Extension
BS1026   AR-15 M4 CAR Buttstock Assembly - Green
BS1094   AR-15 M4 Mil-Spec CAR Buttstock Assembly - Black
HG1015   AR-15 M4 Round Handguards
LP1026   AR-15 Magazine Catch
LP1027   AR-15 Magazine Catch Assembly
LP1031   AR-15 Magazine Catch Button
LP1030   AR-15 Magazine Catch Spring
MP1007   AR-15 Magazine Green Follower

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