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RKT107-P   11.5" Pistol Rifle Kit
RKT115   16" Heavy Mid-Length 1x7 Chrome Lined Rifle Kit
RKT104   16" Heavy Mid-Length Rifle Kit
RKT104-SF   16" Heavy Mid-Length Rifle Kit w/ Vortex StrikeFire II
RKT116   16'' 1x9 Chrome Lined Mid-Length Rifle Kit with Magazine
RKT117   16'' 1x9 Lightweight Mid-Length Rifle Kit with Magazine
CU100   16'' Custom Upper
CU112   16'' Dissipator Custom Upper
RKT101   16'' Heavy Carbine Rifle Kit
RKT101-M   16'' Heavy Carbine Rifle Kit with 2 Magazines
RKT101-C   16'' Heavy Carbine Rifle Kit- Custom
RKT112   16'' Heavy Dissipator Rifle Kit
RKT112-C   16'' Heavy Dissipator Rifle Kit- Custom
RKT104-C   16'' Heavy Mid-Length Rifle Kit- Custom
RKT103   16'' Light Weight Carbine Rifle Kit
RKT103-C   16'' Light Weight Carbine Rifle Kit- Custom
CU103   16'' Light Weight Custom Upper
RKT108   16'' Light Weight Mid-Length Rifle Kit
RKT119   16'' Lightweight Chrome Lined Rifle Kit with 2 Magazines
RKT108-C   16'' Lightweight Mid-Length Rifle Kit- Custom
RKT100-MLOK   16'' M4 Carbine Magpul MLOK Rifle Kit
RKT100-MLOKDE   16'' M4 Carbine MOE MLOK Rifle Kit
RKT100   16'' M4 Carbine Rifle Kit
RKT100-C   16'' M4 Carbine Rifle Kit - Custom
RKT100-M1   16'' M4 Carbine Rifle Kit w/ Ergo Sure Grip Ambi
RKT100-SF   16'' M4 Carbine Rifle Kit w/ Vortex StrikeFire II
CU101   16'' M4 Custom Upper
CU104   16'' Mid-Length Custom Upper
CU108   16'' Mid-Length Light Weight Custom Upper
CU102   20'' Custom Upper
CU106   20'' Government Profile Custom Upper
RKT106   20'' Government Profile Rifle Kit
RKT106-C   20'' Government Profile Rifle Kit- Custom
RKT102-C   20'' Heavy Rifle Kit- Custom
CU110   20'' Light Weight Custom Upper
RKT110   20'' Lightweight Rifle Kit
HG1002   5 Rib Ladder Panel - OD Green
HG1066   5 Rib Low Profile Panel - Dark Earth
MT1071   5 Slot Key Mod U.M.P Rail
TL1014   5.56 Head Space Gauge - Field
BP1026-5/8   5/8 Crush Washer
LP1001   Accu-Wedge
BS1029   ACE AR-15 ARFX Skeleton Buttstock Assembly
BS1019   ACE AR-15 M4 Socom Buttstock
RA2H20F-0   ALPHA 220H
R3FTH18-1   ALPHA 308 (w/ Ergo Grip)
RFTH20F-0   ALPHA 320H
R3FTHS18-MLOK   ALPHA Stainless Steel .308 w/ M-LOK Rifle
BS1048   Ambi CAR Stock Sling Adapter
LP1067   Ambi Safety
MP1036   AR-15 10 Round Magazine
DT1020   AR-15 11.5" A2 Barrel Assembly
DT1019   AR-15 11.5" Flat Top Barrel Assembly
DT1031   AR-15 11.5" Flat Top Barrel Assembly with Pinned 5.5" Flash Hider
DT1032   AR-15 11.5" A2 Barrel Assembly with Pinned 5.5" Flash Hider
KT1000   AR-15 11.5" Heavy Carbine Barrel Kit
BL1006   AR-15 11.5" Pre-Ban Barrel
KT1001   AR-15 14.5" M4 Carbine Barrel Kit
DT1018C   AR-15 14.5" M4 Chrome-lined Flat Top Barrel Assembly
DT1018   AR-15 14.5" M4 Flat Top Barrel Assembly
DT1018C-WO   AR-15 14.5" M4 Flat Top Barrel Assembly - DTI 14.5" 1x9 M4 Chrome Lined Barrel - Without Bolt & Carrier Assembly and Charging Handle
BL1009   AR-15 14.5" M4 Pre-Ban Barrel
DT1033   AR-15 16" 1x7 Mid-Length Flat Top Barrel Assembly - Chrome Lined
BL1017   AR-15 16" 1x9 Chrome Molly Dissipator Barrel
DT1027   AR-15 16" Dissipator Pre-Ban A2 Barrel Assembly
DT1026   AR-15 16" Dissipator Pre-Ban Flat Top Barrel Assembly
KT1006   AR-15 16" Heavy Mid-Length Barrel Kit
KT1005   AR-15 16" Light Weight Carbine Barrel Kit
BL1051   AR-15 16" Light Weight Pre-Ban Barrel
KT1008   AR-15 16" Lightweight Mid-Length Barrel Kit
DT1028   AR-15 16" M4 1x7 Chrome Lined Barrel Assembly
KT1003   AR-15 16" M4 Carbine Barrel Kit
EX100   AR-15 16" M4 Extreme Duty Barrel Assembly
BL1010   AR-15 16" M4 Pre-Ban Barrel
BL1071   AR-15 16" Mid Length 1x7 Chrome Lined Barrel
BL1088   AR-15 16" Mid Length Light Weight Barrel
BL1058   AR-15 16" Mid Length Pre-Ban Barrel
DT1024   AR-15 16" Mid-Length A2 Barrel Assembly
DT1023   AR-15 16" Mid-Length Flat Top Barrel Assembly
DT1035   AR-15 16" Mid-Length Lightweight Flat Top Barrel Assembly
DT1014   AR-15 16" Pre-Ban A2 Barrel Assembly
DT1022   AR-15 16" Pre-Ban A2 Light Weight Barrel Assembly
BL1013   AR-15 16" Pre-Ban Barrel
BL1044   AR-15 16" Pre-Ban Barrel - Chrome Lined
DT1021   AR-15 16" Pre-Ban Flat Top Light Weight Barrel Assembly
DT1007   AR-15 16" Pre-Ban Heavy Flat Top Barrel Assembly
DT1008   AR-15 16" Pre-Ban M4 A2 Barrel Assembly
DT1009   AR-15 16" Pre-Ban M4 Flat Top Barrel Assembly
kt1002   AR-15 16'' Heavy Carbine Barrel Kit
LP1060   AR-15 2 Stage Hook Under Trigger Set
MP1012   AR-15 20 Round Magazine
BL1027   AR-15 20" 1x9 Government Profile Barrel
BL1028   AR-15 20" 1x9 Light Weight Barrel
DT1012   AR-15 20" Pre-Ban A2 Barrel Assembly
BL1015   AR-15 20" Pre-Ban Barrel
DT1013   AR-15 20" Pre-Ban Flat Top Barrel Assembly
DT1030   AR-15 20" Pre-Ban Flat Top Government Profile Barrel Assembly
DT1034   AR-15 20" Pre-Ban Light Weight Flat Top Barrel Assembly
KT1009   AR-15 20'' Government Profile Barrel Kit
KT1004   AR-15 20'' Heavy Standard Barrel Kit
KT1010   AR-15 20'' Light Weight Profile Barrel Kit
MP1000   AR-15 30 Round Magazine
BP1017   AR-15 5.5" Flash Hider
MP1010   AR-15 7.62 x 39 30rd Mag
bp1019   AR-15 A1 Flash Hider
TL1000   AR-15 A1/A2 Front Sight Tool
BS1059   AR-15 A2 Buttstock Assembly
LP1043   AR-15 A2 Buttstock Spacer
LP1044   AR-15 A2 Buttstock Spacer Screw
UP1045   AR-15 A2 Rear Sight Assembly
UP1015   AR-15 A2 Rear Sight Elevation Knob Spring Pin
UP1007   AR-15 A2 Rear Sight Windage Knob Spring Pin
HG1013   AR-15 A2 Round Handguards (Sta.)
HG1016   AR-15 A2 Round Handguards (Sta.) - Green
CV1042   AR-15 A2 Style Flash Hider, Thread 5/8x24
GP1003   AR-15 Ambi Ergo Grip
GP1004   AR-15 Ambi Ergo Sure Grip
GP1038   AR-15 Ambi Ergo Sure Grip - Dark Earth
BP1033   AR-15 Barrel Extension
BP1032   AR-15 Barrel Nut
BC1044   AR-15 Bolt and Carrier Assembly
BC1008   AR-15 Bolt Assembly
BC1009   AR-15 Bolt Carrier and Key
BC1013   AR-15 Bolt Carrier Key
BC1014   AR-15 Bolt Carrier Key Screw
BC1010   AR-15 Bolt Carrier Stripped
LP1023   AR-15 Bolt Catch
LP1022   AR-15 Bolt Catch Detent
LP1025   AR-15 Bolt Catch Roll Pin
LP1021   AR-15 Bolt Catch Spring
BC1021   AR-15 Bolt Gas Rings (set of 3)
LP1015   AR-15 Buffer Body Assembly (CAR)
LP1046   AR-15 Buffer Detent
LP1047   AR-15 Buffer Detent Spring
BP1009   AR-15 Bull Barrel Gas Block - .936
LP1013   AR-15 Buttstock Buffer Spring (CAR)
LP1012   AR-15 Buttstock Buffer Spring (Sta.)
BS1049   AR-15 Buttstock Buffer Tube (CAR)
LP1016   AR-15 Buttstock Buffer Tube (Sta.)
BC1007   AR-15 Cam Pin
HG1014   AR-15 CAR Round Handguards
HG1017   AR-15 CAR Round Handguards - Green
BS1012   AR-15 Carbine Buffer Tube - Mil-Spec Diameter
TL1023-P   AR-15 Chamber Safety Tool (3 Pack)
UP1041   AR-15 Charging Handle Latch
UP1040   AR-15 Charging Handle Latch Roll Pin
UP1044   AR-15 Charging Handle Latch Spring
UP1005   AR-15 Charging Handle, Complete
LP1045   AR-15 Complete Lower Parts Kit
LP1045-NG   AR-15 Complete Lower Parts Kit - NO Grip
BP1054   AR-15 Delta Ring Assembly
MT1019   AR-15 Detachable Carrying Handle
LP1028   AR-15 Detent Spring
LP1033   AR-15 Disconnector
LP1034   AR-15 Disconnector Spring
UP1023   AR-15 Ejection Port Cover
UP1024   AR-15 Ejection Port Cover Assembly
UP1020   AR-15 Ejection Port Cover Hinge Pin Clip
UP1021   AR-15 Ejection Port Cover Pin
UP1022   AR-15 Ejection Port Cover Spring
BC1019   AR-15 Ejector
BC1018   AR-15 Ejector Roll Pin
BC1016   AR-15 Extractor
BC1015   AR-15 Extractor Pin
BC1017   AR-15 Extractor Spring Assembly
BC1006   AR-15 Firing Pin
BC1005   AR-15 Firing Pin Retaining Pin
BP1020   AR-15 Flash Hider, A2
UR1022   AR-15 Flat Top Upper With M4 Feed Ramps (Complete)
UR1011   AR-15 Flat Top Upper With M4 Feed Ramps (Stripped)
UR1000   AR-15 Flat Top Upper With T Marks (Stripped)
UR1020   AR-15 Flat Top Upper with T Marks (Complete)
UP1003   AR-15 Forward Assist Assembly - Round
UP1025   AR-15 Forward Assist Pin
UP1028   AR-15 Forward Assist Spring
HG1021   AR-15 Free Float Tube (CAR)
HG1098   AR-15 Free Float Tube Mid-Length
LP1032   AR-15 Front Pivot Pin
BP1034   AR-15 Front Sight Base, Pre-Ban
BP1028   AR-15 Front Sight Detent
BP1027   AR-15 Front Sight Post, A2
BP1029   AR-15 Front Sight Spring
BP1036   AR-15 Front Sight Taper Pin
BP1030   AR-15 Front Swivel
BP1031   AR-15 Front Swivel Rivet
BP1047   AR-15 Gas Tube Roll Pin
BP1040   AR-15 Gas Tube, CAR
BP1072   AR-15 Gas Tube, MID-LENGTH
BP1002   AR-15 Gas Tube, PISTOL
BP1039   AR-15 Gas Tube, Standard
LP1018   AR-15 Hammer
LP1019   AR-15 Hammer Spring
BP1041   AR-15 Handguard Cap, Round
BP1042   AR-15 Handguard Cap, Triangular
TL1021   AR-15 Handguard Removal Tool
BP1048   AR-15 Handguard Slip Ring (Delta Ring)
BP1050   AR-15 Handguard Snap Ring
GP1043   AR-15 Left Hand Ergo RIGID Grip - Dark Earth
AS1007   AR-15 Lightweight Sling

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