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AR 15 Lower Receiver

Featuring pieces made in the U.S, the AR 15 lower parts below include a wide variety of necessary components to help you put together your rifle or restore a pre-existing model. Check out the AR 15 lower parts kit to get several parts together! Our AR 15 lower parts category includes everything from springs to match triggers to guards. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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AR-15 Pistol Grip Lock Washer AR-15 Detent Spring AR-15 Takedown Detent
AR-15 Detent Spring
Our Price: $0.65
AR-15 Takedown Detent
Our Price: $0.65
(part 19) Pistol Grip Lock Washer (part 11) Detent Spring (part 12) Takedown Detent
AR-15 Magazine Catch Spring AR-15 Disconnector Spring AR-15 Bolt Catch Spring
AR-15 Bolt Catch Spring
Our Price: $0.70
(part 13) Magazine Catch Spring (part 16) Disconnector Spring (part 6) Bolt Catch Spring
AR-15 Selector Spring/Ejector Spring AR-15 Pistol Grip Screw AR-15 Bolt Catch Roll Pin
AR-15 Pistol Grip Screw
Our Price: $0.75
(part 21) Selector Spring/Ejector Spring (part 18) Pistol Grip Screw (part 9) Bolt Catch Roll Pin
AR-15 Selector Detent AR-15 Buffer Detent Spring AR-15 Trigger Guard Pin
AR-15 Selector Detent
Our Price: $0.95
AR-15 Trigger Guard Pin
Our Price: $0.95
(part 22) Selector Detent (part 28) Buffer Detent Spring (part 29) Trigger Guard Pin
AR-15 Bolt Catch Detent AR-15 Trigger / Hammer Pins AR-15 A2 Buttstock Spacer Screw
AR-15 Bolt Catch Detent
Our Price: $0.99
(part 7) Bolt Catch Detent (part 23) Trigger / Hammer Pins (part 26) A2 Buttstock Spacer Screw
AR-15 Buffer Detent AR-15 Trigger Spring AR-15 Hammer Spring
AR-15 Buffer Detent
Our Price: $1.95
AR-15 Trigger Spring
Our Price: $1.95
AR-15 Hammer Spring
Our Price: $1.95
(part 27) Buffer Detent (part 17) Trigger Spring (part 4) Hammer Spring
AR-15 A2 Buttstock Spacer AR-15 Magazine Catch Button AR-15 Front Pivot Pin
AR-15 Front Pivot Pin
Our Price: $3.50
(part 25) A2 Buttstock Spacer (part 14) Aluminum Magazine Catch Button (part 15) Front Pivot Pin
AR-15 Rear Takedown Pin AR-15 Buttstock Buffer Spring (Sta.) AR-15 Buttstock Buffer Spring (CAR)
AR-15 Rear Takedown Pin
Our Price: $3.50
(part 24) Rear Takedown Pin (part 1) Standard Buttstock Buffer Spring (part 1) Carbine Buttstock Buffer Spring
Accu-Wedge AR-15 Disconnector AR-15 Pistol Grip
Our Price: $4.00
AR-15 Disconnector
Our Price: $5.00
AR-15 Pistol Grip
Our Price: $5.00
Accu-wedge fits in between lower and upper to reduce play and eliminate wear. (part 16) AR-15 Disconnector (Part 20) Black, Plastic Pistol Grip
AR-15 Pistol Grip - Green AR-15 Receiver End Plate AR-15 Castle Nut
Receiver End Plate
Our Price: $5.25
Castle Nut
Our Price: $5.50
Green Plastic Pistol Grip Receiver End Plate Castle Nut