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AR15 Barrel Parts & Accessories

From AR15 gas blocks to AR15 flip up sights, Del-Ton, Inc. carries the AR15 barrel parts and accessories you need. Our AR15 iron sights are designed to fit a variety of barrel diameters and feature numerous advantages over stock AR15 sights. We also carry AR15 front sight parts such as taper pins, sight springs and swivels.

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AR-15 Gas Tube Roll Pin AR-15 Front Sight Spring AR-15 Front Swivel Rivet
AR-15 Gas Tube Roll Pin
Our Price: $0.30
(Part 12) Gas Tube Roll Pin (Part 8) Front Sight Spring (Part 4) Front Swivel Rivet
AR-15 Front Sight Detent AR-15 Front Sight Taper Pin AR-15 Handguard Snap Ring
(Part 7) Front Sight Detent (Part 3) Front Sight Taper Pin (2 required) (Part 9) Handguard Snap Ring
AR-15 Front Swivel Crush Washer AR-15 Handguard Cap, Triangular
AR-15 Front Swivel
Our Price: $2.00
Crush Washer
Our Price: $2.95
(Part 5) Front Swivel Crush Washer (Part 14) Handguard Cap, Triangular
Crush Washer AR-15 Handguard Cap, Round AR-15 Weld Spring
5/8 Crush Washer
Our Price: $3.50
AR-15 Weld Spring
Our Price: $4.95
Crush Washer - 5/8 (Part 14) Handguard Cap, Round (Part 10) Weld Spring
AR-15 Front Sight Post, A2 AR-15 Barrel Nut AR-15 Handguard Slip Ring
AR-15 Barrel Nut
Our Price: $6.00
(Part 6) Front Sight Post, A2 (Part 2) Barrel Nut (Part 11) Handguard Slip Ring (Delta Ring)
AR-15 Gas Tube, Standard AR-15 Gas Tube, CAR AR-15 Gas Tube, MID-LENGTH
AR-15 Gas Tube, Standard
Our Price: $11.00
AR-15 Gas Tube, CAR
Our Price: $11.00
(Part 13) Gas Tube, Standard (Part 13) Gas Tube, CAR Gas Tube, MID-LENGTH
AR-15 Gas Tube, PISTOL AR-15 Delta Ring Assembly AR-15 Barrel Extension
AR-15 Gas Tube, PISTOL
Our Price: $11.00
AR-15 Delta Ring Assembly
Our Price: $12.95
AR-15 Barrel Extension
Our Price: $17.25
Gas Tube, PISTOL (Parts 9, 10, 11) Delta Ring Assembly includes handguard snap ring, weld spring and handguard slip ring. (Part 1) Barrel Extension
AR-15 M4 Barrel Extension Del-Ton, Inc YHM Low Profile Gas Block Del-Ton, Inc Low Profile Gas Block
AR-15 M4 Barrel Extension
Our Price: $17.25
YHM Low Profile Gas Block
Our Price: $21.50
(Part 1) M4 Barrel Extension YHM Low Profile Gas Block .750 DTI Low Profile Gas Block .750
AR-15 Bull Barrel Gas Block - .936 AR-15 YHM Barrel Nut AR-15 Front Sight Base, Pre-Ban
YHM Barrel Nut
Our Price: $32.95
Bull Barrel Gas Block - .936
This barrel nut will work with all YHM free float forearms.
Front Sight Base, Pre-Ban available in A2 FSB or F Marked FSB
AR-15 Front Sight Base, Post-Ban YHM Single Rail Gas Block - .625 AR-15 Two Rail Picatinny Gas Block
Front Sight Base, Post-Ban Replaces front sight tower.   For use with .625 diameter barrels. Two Rail Picatinny Gas Block