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AR 15 Bolt Carrier Group

Del-ton, Inc. has the widest selection of AR 15 bolts check out our collection below to find everything from an extractor pin to firing pin retaining pin parts! Find the right AR bolt, carrier, gas ring, carrier key and much more below. Del-ton, Inc. also carries complete bolt and carrier assemblies for your convenience and ease! Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

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AR-15 Bolt Carrier Key Screw AR-15 Ejector Roll Pin AR-15 Firing Pin Retaining Pin
AR-15 Ejector Roll Pin
Our Price: $0.95
(Part 12) Bolt Carrier Key Screw (Part 4) Ejector Roll Pin (Part 10) Firing Pin Retaining Pin
AR-15 Extractor Pin AR-15 Extractor Spring Assembly AR-15 Ejector
AR-15 Extractor Pin
Our Price: $1.95
AR-15 Ejector
Our Price: $2.95
(Part 1) Extractor Pin (Part 3) Extractor Spring Assembly (Part 5) Ejector
AR-15 Bolt Gas Ring AR-15 Cam Pin AR-15 Firing Pin
AR-15 Cam Pin
Our Price: $4.50
AR-15 Firing Pin
Our Price: $5.95
(Part 7)Bolt Gas Rings require 3 (Part 11) Cam Pin (Part 9) Firing Pin
Tin AR-15 Complete Bolt and Carrier Assembly AR-15 Bolt Carrier Key AR-15 Extractor
M-16 Retaining Pin
Our Price: $5.99
AR-15 Bolt Carrier Key
Our Price: $9.95
AR-15 Extractor
Our Price: $13.00
(Part 10) Takes the place of the firing pin retaining pin. (Part 12) Bolt Carrier Key (Part 2) Extractor
AR-15 Deluxe Repair Kit AR15 Bolt Component Kit AR-15 Bolt Assembly
AR15 Essential Repair Kit
Our Price: $14.95
AR15 Bolt Component Kit
Our Price: $22.95
AR-15 Bolt Assembly
Our Price: $42.00
Deluxe Repair Kit includes commonly replaced parts for AR15s. Bolt Component Kit includes commonly replaced parts for AR15 bolts. (part 13) Bolt Assembly comes completely assembled.
M-16 Bolt Carrier Stripped AR-15 Deluxe Repair Kit AR-15 Bolt Carrier and Key
AR15 Deluxe Repair Kit
Our Price: $56.95
(part 14) Mil-Spec, M-16 Bolt Carrier Stripped Deluxe Repair Kit includes commonly replaced parts for AR15s. (part 14)Mil-Spec, AR-15 Bolt Carrier and Key
M-16 Bolt Carrier and Key AR-15 Bolt and Carrier Assembly M-16 Bolt and Carrier Assmebly
M-16 Bolt Carrier and Key
Our Price: $60.00
(part 14)Mil-Spec,  M-16 bolt carrier and key. Mil-Spec, complete, black AR-15 bolt and carrier assembly. Mil-Spec, complete, black M-16 bolt and carrier assembly.

Bolt & Carrier Selection at Del-Ton

The AR 15 bolt carrier group is a critical component on any AR 15. It's where the action happens. It carries the bolt and resets the hammer after every round. It takes the force of the gas pressure during firing. Due to its importance, you need AR 15 bolt carrier parts that can take the constant wear without hesitation. We carry a full selection of AR 15 bolt parts, including firing pins, extractors and bolt gas rings. We offer complete bolt assemblies and repair kits. Whether you need an AR 15 extractor or a complete bolt and carrier assembly, you'll find it in our inventory of BCG parts. Don't compromise when it comes to the quality and durability of your bolt carrier group. Buy high-quality proven parts from Del-Ton today.