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AR15 Upper Parts

Browse our full selection of AR 15 upper parts below to find the right parts and additions for your gun or rifle. We stock AR15 a wide variety of upper parts including spring pins, rear sight assemblies and much more. Our AR 15 upper receiver parts category includes a wide variety of essential components made in the U.S from top quality materials and includes name-brand pieces from top manufacturers. All of the products in this category are mil-spec upper parts made for us with flat top, A3 and A1 upper receivers. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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AR-15 Ejection Port Cover Hinge Pin Clip AR-15 Rear Sight Ball Bearings AR-15 Forward Assist Spring
(Part 17) Ejection Port Cover Hinge Pin Clip (Parts 5 & 12) Rear Sight Ball Bearing, 3 required (Part 23) Forward Assist Spring
AR-15 Forward Assist Pin AR-15 Ejection Port Cover Spring AR-15 Rear Sight Springs
AR-15 Rear Sight Spring
Our Price: $0.75
(Part 21) Forward Assist Pin (Part 19) Ejection Port Cover Spring (Parts 4 & 13) Rear Sight Springs.
AR-15 Rear Sight Elevation Knob Spring AR-15 Rear Sight Flat Spring AR-15 Ejection Port Cover Pin
(Part 11) Rear Sight Elevation Knob Spring (Part 8) A2 Rear Sight Flat Spring (Part 18) Ejection Port Cover Pin
AR-15 Rear Sight Index Screw - A2 AR-15 Rear Sight Windage Knob Screw AR-15 Ejection Port Cover
(Part 14) A2 Rear Sight Index Screw (Part 6) Rear Sight Windage Knob Screw (Part 20) Ejection Port Cover
AR-15 Rear Sight Index Elevation AR-15 Rear Sight Windage Knob AR-15 Ejection Port Cover Assembly
(Part 15) Rear Sight Index Elevation
8/3 Elevation Adjustment
(Part 3) Rear Sight Windage Knob (Part 20) Ejection Port Cover Assembly.
AR-15 Rear Sight Elevation Knob AR-15 Rear Sight Aperature - A2 AR-15 Forward Assist Assembly - Round
(Part 16) Rear Sight Elevation Knob (Part 7) A2 Rear Sight Aperature (Part 22) Round forward assist assembly
AR15 Upper Receiver Parts Kit AR-15 Rear Sight Base - A2
AR15 Upper Receiver Parts Kit includes commonly replaced parts for upper receivers. (Part 9) A2 Rear Sight Base

Take your AR build to the ultimate level with Del-Ton's AR15 upper receiver parts. Bring your stripped upper receiver, also available here, and pick the parts you need to get the build you want. Our Mil-Spec AR upper parts fit any Mil-Spec upper. Building the rear sight with our upper receiver parts gives you maximum control over windage and elevation. These AR upper parts let you customize your build.

Design your iron sights to match your shooting needs. Dust cover or not you choose. Need a forward assist? We've got that. We have the parts; you bring the tools. Best of all, you can go at your own pace. Is this a first-time build? No problem. With free online plans and tutorials for building an AR15, you will see how easy it really is. Veteran builders will also appreciate these precision AR upper receiver parts.