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Rifle-Length Drop-In Quad-Rail Handguards

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Two Piece 4 Rail Handguards - STA Length
Two piece 4 rail Standard/Rifle Length handguards
Attach like standard plastic handguards

Looking for a great set of AR handguards that won't leave your wallet gasping? These rifle-length drop-in quad rails deliver the performance of handguards costing hundreds of dollars more. The 12-inch drop-in quad rail gives you plenty of space to attach optics, lights, iron sights or other items. Four integral Pic rails mean you can attach accessories directly to the handguard without needing extra mounting hardware. The easy-on, easy-off feature means you can quickly change the handguards to meet your shooting conditions. You can even change in the field because you do not need the AR handguard tool. The rifle-length 2-piece drop-in quad rail comes together easily.

Before you buy a set of handguards, evaluate your needs. Weight, especially in a rifle-length platform, has to be considered. These rifle-length quad-rail drop-in handguards maximize use and minimize added weight.