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Rifle-Length Free-Float Quad-Rail Handguards

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YHM Endcap for Forearm YHM Endcap for Forearm AR-15 YHM Barrel Nut
YHM Barrel Nut
Our Price: $32.95
Screw in end cap provides protection for the end of your forearm and prevents debris from entering into handguards Screw in end cap provides protection for the end of your forearm and prevents debris from entering into handguards
This barrel nut will work with all YHM free float forearms.
Del-Ton, Inc. Rifle Length KR7 Handguard Light Weight 4 Rail Free Float Handguard - STA YHM Rifle Length Ext. Diamond Free Float Tube
YHM introduces their lightest to date, hardcoat anodized, 6061-T6 aluminum, T-marked top rail with free-floating handguard. 4 Rail free float tube is made of aluminum and hard coat annodized. Made by YHM. Made by YHM.  These unique forearms feature diamond shaped heat vents, an extended top rail for gap-free installation, T marked rails to mark accessory locations, and anti-rotation screws for secure installation.
YHM SLR-Quad Series Rifle Forearm 12.585" AR-15 Troy 13'' Bravo BattleRail AR-15 Knights URX 3.1 5.56mm 13.5 Length
Troy 13'' Bravo BattleRail
Our Price: $207.95
YHM Slim Free Float Tube Troy Bravo Rail, available in Black or Dark Earth URX 3.1 Forend Assembly, 13.5" Length
ARMS #59CV SIR System - Commercial Version
Handguard universal mounting system that free floats the barrel and is used to mount objects to the rails on all four sides

Weather extremes cause gun furniture to warp, pushing the barrel out of straight alignment. Don't let the weather affect your performance. Free-floating handguards will not touch the barrel and will not affect accuracy. Get a rifle-length free-float quad rail and nothing touches your barrel no matter the conditions. Pick from a 12-in free-float quad rail or a 13 free-float quad rail to match your needs and style. The rifle-length quad-rail free float can hold tactical scopes, red dots and iron sights canted to one side, along with a laser and a light. You choose. With the AR-15 rifle-length 12 free-floating quad rail, you have plenty of room for all the necessary accessories. Be sure to add the end cap to prevent damage to your handguards. All the handguards sold by Del-Ton fit any caliber in an AR platform. These rifle-length handguards support night-vision optics as well.