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Rifle-Length Free-Float Tube Handguards

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AR-15 YHM Barrel Nut AR-15 Troy Alpha Rail - 13" YHM SLR-Quad Series Rifle Forearm 12.585"
YHM Barrel Nut
Our Price: $35.25
Sale Price: $32.95
You save $2.30!
Troy 13'' Alpha Rail - Dark Earth
Our Price: $173.00
Sale Price: $143.00
You save $30.00!
This barrel nut will work with all YHM free float forearms.
Troy Alpha Rail YHM Slim Free Float Tube
YHM Rifle Length SLR-Smooth Handguard YHM SLK Rifle Length Handguard AR-15 Troy Alpha Rail - 15"
Troy 15'' Alpha Rail
Our Price: $207.95
YHM Rifle Length SLR-Smooth Handguard YHM SLK Rifle Length Handguard Troy Alpha Rail

Free-floating barrels deliver more accuracy compared to barrels that are touching the stock. Why? Wood and furniture will warp with temperature changes, and that will push the barrel slightly out of alignment. If you want improved accuracy and less weight, a one-piece AR-15 rifle-length free-float tube will make it happen. Del-Ton has rifle-length free-float tube handguards that are a fast install compared to multipiece handguards. With several styles, including KeyMod, slotted and four Pic rails, you can find an AR-15 rifle-length free-float tube handguard that is exactly what you need. Add your choice of optics and accessories, like a forward grip, laser and light. These tubes will even support night-vision optics. This rifle-length free-floating tube can handle all of it. Each of our rifle-length free-float tubes fits any AR platform caliber. The full length offers plenty of support for long-range tactical scopes and night-vision optics.